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1. Iftar with Orphans

Located at Al Hidayah, on Saturday, July 24th 2013 activities iftar with orphans organized with great fanfare. Children who are invited by the family of the PT. Pisma Putra Textile in these activities comes from two orphanage ie Orphanage "Darul Khudlonah" Wiradesa and Orphanage "Sabilillah" Pekalongan and children orphaned in the environment surrounding the company, from the village of Siwalan, Pait and Yosorejo District of Siwalan as 250 people.

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2. Best Company Award Trustees Provincial Women's Labor

PT. Pisma Putra Textile get as Corporate Trustees Award Best Female Labor Levels Central Java Province of Central Java Governor, Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection, and the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration on December 18, 2014. The company which employs 862 people, a total workforce women as many as 370 people.

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3. PMI awards Pekalongan "On His participation as Blood Donor Drive Most Active Year 2013-2014"

A total of 250 units of blood were collected at the blood donation event held in the Training Centre PT. Pisma Putra Textile on Wednesday, January 28th, 2015. Blood donation organized by PT. Pisma Putra Textile cooperate with PMI UDD Kab. Pekalongan is a firm commitment to the community as a form of social concern.

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4. Healthy Walk Along The Family Pisma Group 2014

Activity Healthy Way with a large family Pisma GROUP held on Saturday dated August 23, 2014 in the old Hall Pekalongan. This event begins at 6 am old Hall Pekalongan gathering participants were then released officially by Mr. Regent of Pekalongan Mr. Amat Antono. In addition, the event was also enlivened some dangdut singer and artist capital of which, Caisar.

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5. Social care Landslide Banjarnegara 2014

On Friday afternoon, December 12, 2014 + 800-meter-high hill which is behind the residential area in Jemblung Hamlet, Village Sampang, District Karangkobar, Banjarnegara, Central Java sudden landslides little by little, and finally collapsed immediately and hoarding houses population that is widely available on the slopes below.

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6. Thanksgiving Events PT. Pisma Putra Textile 15th

Events tasyakuran PT. Pisma Son Textile to 15, held on March 4, 2015 was attended by some of the directors of Pisma Group as Mr. Luke L Prawoto Pisma Group as vice president, Mr. Anis Soengkar as Director of Production Development, along with the board of directors of the business units Pisma Group.

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